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Jae Kullar

Global Head of Benefits, Health Services & Wellbeing

AGCO Corporation

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United States


I am a passionate and employee-focused Health and Wellbeing Executive with 25+ years of experience in creating cultures of holistic wellness through data-driven program management and process improvements. A few of my career highlights include: - CREATED A NEW HEALTH AND WELLBEING FUNCTION for Delta Air Lines, growing the department to lead a team of 15 direct reports, with programs serving the physical, mental, social, financial, work-life and family care needs of 90,000 employees and their families across 6 continents and 242 locations. - FOUNDED A NEW TOTAL REWARDS CONSULTING BUSINESS leveraging years of expertise in implementing new vendor technologies for businesses. I provided business re-engineering, and change management services for clients such as Coca-Cola, UPS, and the government. - DIRECTED MULTI-SITE OPERATIONS for 24 complex business units, managing a staff of 400+. It was my responsibility to lead a team that provided excellent day-to-day service in addition to stewarding successful business operations, health education, staff management, and safety. I have been recognized throughout my career as a skilled communicator. When I was building a new department at Delta, all stakeholders needed to recognize their input in the program's decisions. From the early days, I formed an Executive Wellbeing Council for VPs and Stakeholders to communicate their needs and wants for the department. I guided the thoughts and decisions of this council, achieving buy-in for my program's objectives. I believe in servant leadership both in my projects and in my teams. I encourage team members to develop as leaders through support and inclusion. I strive for my teams to be diverse in both demographics and thought, believing that varied skillsets complement each other and breed success. I have a successful history of guiding businesses in the adoption of new technologies as a subject matter expert on total rewards technologies. This experience as a consultant has taught me the importance of implementing a process based on the needs of a business and additionally its employees. MY GOAL is to continue helping organizations to build systems that will serve the health and wellbeing of their employees. I am passionate about health, technology, and leadership, always operating to serve others with an attitude of respect and kindness. Global Benefits| Total Rewards | Human Resources | Employee Engagement Project Management | Change Management | Performance Consultation | Vendor Management Leadership | Training, and Development | Communication | Public Health

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Global Head of Benefits, Health Services & Wellbeing at AGCO Corporation


MSc Candidate, Global Healthcare Leadership