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Jamie Indigo

100% Human Technical SEO Consultant

Not a Robot, LLC

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United States


I'm not a robot but I speak bot. You might know me as the Technical SEO taking the stage at #SMXEast, #SMXL, and #Engage. Previously seen at #BrightonSEO, #SearchLove, #SMXMuenchen, #SearchCon, Google Webmaster's MythBuster series, and Experts On the Wire with Dan Shure. I am a marketing-dev hybrid deftly skilled at solving riddles and overcoming boundaries. I believe good data makes good decisions and that the best way to create a successful site is by meeting the users’ needs through a cross-device experience that makes them feel smart and empowered. My experience in SEO and analytics allows me to identify precisely target areas of opportunity. My experience as a Product Owner gives me the ability to design and launch complex projects across teams. I am professionally curious, data-driven and tenacious in creating strategies that can move the needle in meaningful ways.

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100% Human Technical SEO Consultant at Not a Robot, LLC


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