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Janos Moldvay

Co-Founder & CEO

Adtriba GmbH

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Co-Founded Adtriba to make marketing more transparent and help brands become independent of the big advertising platforms. I am passionate about democratizing and demystifying AI, ML and data science through providing machine learning based solutions for marketing measurement and optimization to SMBs and brands. Co-Hosting the Datenkasper Podcast, interviewing and learning from real data practitioners, in a Hanseatic, non-BS type of style. It’s very satisfying to gain insights into how different companies approach data-drivenness and to be able to share this knowledge with a broader audience. I believe in Netflix’ “Freedom & Responsibility” leadership paradigm: Adtriba team members are given as much freedom (e.g. remote working, no tracking of working times nor vacation) as possible while also expecting a maximum of self-initiative, personal responsibility, and of course performance. Seems to work very well, we’re able to recruit and retain highly talented colleagues at an exceptional rate. This also allows us to contribute to creating the future of work.

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Co-Founder & CEO at Adtriba GmbH


MBA, Business Administration