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Jason Miller

Head of Brand and Content


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United Kingdom


What sets me apart from other European marketing leaders is that I come with a global following of sales and marketing decision-makers built-in. I have deep expertise across digital/content/social media/ demand gen (I literally teach a course at UC Berkeley on the topic), and I understand first-hand the expectations of a US-based tech company operating in Europe. I specialize in demand generation and pipeline marketing, and I learned from the best in the business during my time at Marketo when I reported to co-founder Jon Miller. I wrote the best-selling marketing book Welcome to the Funnel: How to Turn Your Content and Social Media Marketing up to Eleven and self-published it selling 22,000 copies worldwide. A revised edition is in the works and is currently slated for a Summer 2022 release. In addition to my marketing duties and team building, I delivered 50 plus keynotes, sessions, and workshops around the globe each year (pre-Covid) having graced the stages at the most prominent digital conferences in the world including Dreamforce, Content Marketing World, SMX, Business Insider Trends Festival, Marketing Profs B2B Forum, Marketo Marketing Nation, and more. Most recently I was the Senior Director of Brand Marketing at hypergrowth company ActiveCampaign. Before that, I was the Head of Brand Marketing at Microsoft in a hybrid role focusing on the 5th largest business in Microsoft and bringing next-generation demand generation & digital capabilities to a mature giant, with the goal of turning disruption into an ally. A major focus of this role is teaching marketers and partnering with agencies on how to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to better understand the customer decision journey, make better use of their data, reduce costs, and ultimately focus on being more creative. Before joining Microsoft as an internal transfer, I spent nearly six years building the global content marketing, social media, and demand generation engine at LinkedIn as the Group Marketing Manager. I built the team that drove record-breaking campaign and pipeline numbers across the organization. My approach has been adopted across multiple business lines, and I won the coveted LinkedIn Transformation Award for my efforts. I pride myself as an inspirational leader, digital ideator, implementer, and team mentor, organization builder, and network marketer. I bring a complete digital marketing solution with the ability to establish, extend, or transform marketing capabilities into a fully integrated, automated digital marketing competitive advantage.

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Head of Brand and Content at Tyk


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