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Jeanne Duckett

Manager, Food Technology Solutions Design (Traceability)

Avery Dennison

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United States


Jeanne Duckett leads the Transparency Initiative Development for Avery Dennison Printer Systems investigating: Blockchain, Distributed Computing, RFID, networking and new technology and other relevant technologies for products in the 3-5 year.. She manages the Food IP portfolio for Avery Dennison's Printer Systems in addition to holding multiple patents in imaging, RFID handling, and various aspects of printer design including design of Food Freshness Printers. Jeanne is a contributing member of AIM Global and GS1 inter-industry organizations. Currently on AIM NA Board and chairs the AIM North America Food Policy Committee and previous chairman of the IOT and Blockchain Council, RFID Experts Group. Participates on Technology Symbols, Wireless Communication, GS1 Supply Chain Visibility and GS1 Foodservice Initiatives. Also a contributing member of the GS1 Global Traceability Initiative. Jeanne has spoken at several industry events including Industry food shows focusing on technology, RFID Journal Live, GS1 Connect and State Association Restaurant Shows.

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Current Position

Manager, Food Technology Solutions Design (Traceability) at Avery Dennison


Doctor of Philosophy - PhD, Computer Science

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B2B Rocks 2022