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Jennifer Pearson

Managing Partner

A&J Venture Properties LLC

Country or State

United States


My expertise and curiosity as a pre-sale advisor gives me a unique perspective when working with customers. Within my role, I help organizations transform their customer's experiences so they can stand out of the crowd by creating relevant, targeted, and individualized communications across all channels. I’m passionate about working with SMB and Fortune 500 companies spanning industries including, retail, financial services, hospitality, gaming, entertainment, and beyond. With a background in business and marketing, I can apply this knowledge when learning about customer's unique businesses and their challenges. By taking the time to speak with executive leadership teams and their company's practitioners, I can better understand how to help close those gaps with the help of SAS’s Customer Intelligence 360 software, backed by powerful analytics.

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Current Position

Managing Partner at A&J Venture Properties LLC


Bachelor's degree, Business Administration - Marketing

Past Talks

DX Summit 2022