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Jessica Holsman

Program Manager

Changer Studios

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I am a driven and strategic thinker with a passion for creative innovation, communication and digital storytelling. I am a best-selling author, founder and content creator of ‘Study With Jess’, professional speaker, and certified mindfulness meditation coach. I have extensive experience in writing both short and long form content, having built a successful online brand and authored two books, 'The High School Survival Guide' and 'Work Life Balance Survival Guide.' I possess in depth knowledge in producing high quality, impact-driven digital content, having grown my online community beyond 400,000 YouTube subscribers and 28 million views. My years of experience in social media make me an expert in digital marketing, personal branding, online product marketing, building online audiences, and tailoring content to meet consumer and brand needs. I am also well versed in brand negotiation and have formed partnerships with globally renowned brands, including Netflix, ASUS, Microsoft, Lush, Sennheiser, and LG. I am a team player and born leader, having managed high performing teams, both within my business and as part of successful partnerships I have formed with Google and Screen Australia, to co-produce, create, and star in several web series.

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Program Manager at Changer Studios


Postgraduate Diploma of Psychology, Psychology

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Adobe Max 2021