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Joe Fier

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Hustle and Flowchart

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United States


Joe Fier is a highly accomplished content marketer, podcast host, and connector. He co-created and hosts the highly acclaimed podcast, Hustle & Flowchart, which provides entrepreneurs with valuable insights on how to work smarter and live more. With over 500 episodes under his belt, Joe has had the opportunity to connect with and interview top experts and authors in the business and beyond. Joe's expertise extends beyond podcasting to include media creation, digital marketing, investing, public speaking, and writing. He has successfully run businesses and provides valuable consultation on marketing strategy across various industries such as personal development, SaaS, Web3/blockchain, gaming, event planning, public health, and wellness. Despite his professional achievements, Joe's top priority is his family. He is a devoted husband and father who is passionate about co-creating with his wife in their businesses. He loves spending time with his active 3-year-old and embraces the philosophy of working smart and living life to the fullest. Here are some other interesting things about Joe: • Works behind the scenes on some huge podcasts - Between the shows he hosts and helps, the reach of the podcasts he's involved in is close to 5 million downloads per month. • Consulted and created selling assets (websites and sales videos) for clients and himself, which has generated over $100 million in revenue online. • Developed and executed a plan to raise over $500k in investments and secure high-level advisors. • Has exited multiple online businesses and advises on marketing strategy behind 6 companies. • Created and successfully sold an online training community in the video production niche. • Co-created a nearly hands-off online mobile publishing company and system with over 10,000 assets. • Oversaw and developed hundreds of hours of video and written training used in products that have generated over $50 million. • Serial experimenter online testing up-and-coming marketing, platforms, sub-markets, and systems.

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