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Joe Urbanski

Chief Operations Officer

Total Solutions Group

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United States


Hi there! I’m a husband and father first. That’s what I’d like you to know first. Then you can read my bio. 🤙🏻 ⚡️⚡️📢⚡️⚡️ “I’m like a motivational speaker.” That’s how I used to explain what I do because most people would immediately understand the general idea. Yes, I do deliver kickass keynotes on stage for large audiences up to 2,500 people. But that’s only 10% of the story. I’m like a motivational speaker, except the purpose of my work is not motivation and I’m the opposite of everything you hate about typical speakers. 📋 WHAT DO I REALLY DO? Org Culture Strategist + Master Trainer of Trainers + Dynamic International Speaker + Certified Business & Personal Coach One title doesn’t cover it all. That’s why I stick with “motivational speaker” for the general public. 💥 I primarily get hired as an extension of senior teams that need a fusion of strategic leadership counsel with tactical management systems. More than just a sideline advisor, they need an activator as well. 💥 My clients say that we… • Reboot executive and senior leadership teams. • Upgrade counterproductive onboarding practices. • Revitalize ancient and lazy training functions. • Streamline and energize management and meetings. • Reshape defunct, disconnected, or hopeless leadership programs. [ But how do I explain that to my kids? ] 🎯 I’m a consultant. I get paid to tell my clients what to do; then I do it with them.. 🪄 I’m a magician. I make things happen when you didn’t think it was possible. ⚖️ I’m an equalizer. I help executives balance a practical ambition. 🪦 I’m an assassin. I hunt, stalk, and eliminate organizational problems. [ Okay, maybe that’s too far. ] 🥼🏋️🧰 I’m like a doctor to treat organizational illness, a personal trainer for a company’s leaders, and a mechanic to improve business operations. 🙌🏼 • • • • • • My purpose is to live with undeniable purpose in order to inspire and guide others to discover purpose and meaning in their personal lives, relationships, careers, and organizations while accelerating the emergence of their ideal future.

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Chief Operations Officer at Total Solutions Group


Bachelor’s Degree, Business, Management, Marketing, and Leadership Development