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Johari Lanng

Performance Analytics Product Lead


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From an initial background in front-end web design, I am focused on developing digital properties that deliver real business goals through analytical measurement and ongoing optimisation. My last few years have been spent in the retail acquisition space for large corporates, and I have been heavily involved in digital marketing strategies involving paid and organic search, as well as on-site conversion rate optimisation. My previous focus was the deployment of content-management systems within large-scale organisations, both ensuring technical adherence to relevant government/company policies and ensuring project viability and success by fostering an understanding of performance amongst relevant stakeholders. I have worked closely with Sitecore, RedDot CMS and multiple instances of WordPress and Joomla. I'm experienced in technical project analysis and leading technical teams during the planning and execution of large, corporate web-based projects. More recently my work has been focused on web and digital analytics, enabling businesses to gain insights into their customer experiences and behaviours. I have helped to identify both business and technical areas of opportunities, fostering cultural changes that celebrate business success rather than technical delivery. Drawing on my prior specialities from my web design background, and analytical experience I work towards bridging the gap between business performance and technical execution. I also believe in the ability of data to provide insights into real-world events, at the personal, community, national and international stages. I hope to eventually apply my knowledge of analytics in the future towards improving the connections between people at these levels. I have a keen and on-going interest in W3C Accessibility compliance issues, ensuring that the web remains an inclusive and connected tool for all.

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Performance Analytics Product Lead at Bonfire


BA Design, Design, Media Development