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John Donahue


Up and to the Right

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United States


I have spent my career working to bridge the gap between science and creativity. I develop research, analytical, and media products that power advertising and marketing solutions. I build strategies that power brands, communication, and businesses. I am a renegade... I am a pirate... I am a hacker... This allows me to ignore the rules long enough to find the next big idea... Products I have visioned and executed on: Social Media Analysis and Bidding SEM Analysis and Bidding Dynamic Content Distribution Content Programming Real Time Analysis and Bidding Dynamic Creative Impactful and Playful Digital Creative Experiences Econometric Models (media and message mix) Attribution Models (online and offline) Consumer Insights Research Brand Studies Digital Media Analytics Platforms Print AOR Tools Competitive Media Analysis Content Segmentation and Insights Audience and Behavioral Segmentation and Insights Text Based Analytical Targeting Technology Media Planning Tools Understanding how science can empower communication and drive business advantage is what i do... Specialties: Biddable Media Business Intelligence Software Development Analytics Consumer Insights Brand Strategy Media Strategy Sales Strategy Social Media Strategy Communications Planning Creative Digital Solutions Product Marketing Product Strategy

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