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John E. Lightbody



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Experience in the 4 pillars of Product; Design, Analysis, Engineering and Management. Combined with a background in Engineering, I am motivated by the idea of bringing beautiful and innovative products to market and the joy of use that they can bring. Striking the balance between structured, analytical systems thinking and creative, innovative design thinking is key to my working practice and reflected in my academic background. Ensuring agility and flexibility in my ways of working and thinking has been fundamental to my successes and achievements to date. We are living in a world that is getting faster and faster and in order to stay ahead of people; to learn from and to help out. How you spend your time and your energy who you are and what you can contribute to a situation/project/endeavour is where you find your purpose. My Analytics/Data Science portfolio is one of a Generalist and includes work in (in order of extent of experience) Hypothesis Testing, KPI definition, Time Series Probablistic Forecasting, Churn Prediction, Anomaly Detection, Clustering/Segmentation, Data Infrastructure Managment, REST API creation with some Natural Langage Processing and Image Classification. Throughout all my work I am guided by the question ''Does this make the most sense?'' and ''What's the impact I expect to see from this?''

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