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Jorge Tapia

Managing Director. EMEA Head of Working Capital & Commercial Solutions


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United Kingdom


I am at my best in transformational projects, working with diverse teams in the intersection of Risk, Trade and Technology. My technical approach to problems make me consider the HOW to be as important as the WHAT, flourishing in organizations where innovation and creativity are pursued and incentivized. I have lived in Europe, America, and Asia, I enjoy multicultural and international challenges where I can define and execute transformational projects. With in-depth expertise in Risk, Balance Sheet Management and Trade, I like analyzing complex situations, defining an action plan, and helping teams to define a vision and highly ambitious goals, creating a strong team spirit and motivation. These skills allow me to pursue transformational projects not only in the Financial Services industry, but also in any project where problem solving, execution, creativity and transformation are required. I was appointed Advisory Board Member of the International Chamber of Commerce Banking Commission, board director of the Bankers' Association for Finance and Trade (BAFT) and member of the WTO High Level Expert Group on Trade Finance As Global Head of Trade: 1. We stablished a trading vehicle to provide clients with balance sheet and working capital management solutions. 2. We launched the first multibank securitization of trade finance assets 3. We liaised with the Spanish Government to include trade assets in the covered bonds scheme. During my time in China, I acquired a deeper understanding of China's financial market and how Fintechs have been transforming industries and financial institutions, especially in the areas of Supply Chain Finance and Consumer Finance. We implemented a new Sales Model in all Bank of Shanghai retail branches in China, bringing the opportunity to learn from a different culture and to work with fantastic teams.

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Current Position

Managing Director. EMEA Head of Working Capital & Commercial Solutions at Citi


Bachelor's degree, Business/Managerial Economics