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Joshua Riddett

Managing Director

Easy Crypto Hunter

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United Kingdom


Joshua Riddett is an award winning entrepreneur and a leading expert in the UK Cryptocurrency space. Founder of Easy Crypto Hunter, the UK’s premium Cryptocurrency service provider, Josh has keynoted at major Blockchain and Cryptocurrency conferences all over the UK. Alongside this, consulting and advising for some of the biggest names in the Cryptocurrency industry and mentoring new companies trying to enter the space. Josh’s honest and transparent approach to Cryptocurrency has established him as the ‘go to guy’ for Cryptocurrency Mining equipment and more recently, Cryptocurrency Accounting Services. Having open offices and a place for anyone to come and see the real tangibility of the Cryptocurrency industry was unheard of. People want to speak to real people and see where their investment is going, so that’s the logic behind Josh’s rapidly expanding company.

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Managing Director at Easy Crypto Hunter


Business Management & Entrepreneurship