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Julian Cohen

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United States


If at any time over the past 30 years you have chugged a Gatorade, hacked away on a Dell, wandered around a Home Depot, hung Sheetrock, driven an Oldsmobile, browsed on, eaten a Yoplait, crunched on a bowl of Wheaties, dined on Tyson chicken, visited Busch Gardens, serviced your car at Pep Boys, watched an episode of Space Racers, swigged a Corona, sipped a Mondavi, savored a Jim Beam, suffered through a Laphroaig, soared on a Deep Space, or toked a Tweed, then I am partially responsible. I believe words and numbers can live together -- I am a strategist, a global insights, innovation, and marketing executive with a passion for applying analytical rigor and creative problem-solving to complex business issues. And I am a manager who loves leading people -- I am proud of the high-performing teams I've built, and the rock stars some of my people have become. I thrive in leadership roles at companies that are as passionate about their people as their product, and that believe the 'how' is what makes the 'what' enjoyable.

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Advisory Board at CannabisBPO


BA, Economics