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Karen Falenius

Director of International Growth, EMEA


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Remote work and remote opportunities - those are ways to change your life for the better. I took the chance to work at Remote to be flexible, learn and make an impact. Being German, living in Finland, a very digitized country with high trust in people and society, this all works great. I want to make this possible for people around the world. I love to be able to help employ people wherever there is talent. No one should have to compromise on family, career and living where they want. As a Growth leader I value working with people from different teams and backgrounds. As long as we are open minded and willing to learn, we succeed. I like freedom, yet structure to a certain extent. Data is part of decision making, but insights play a very important role too. I want to make an impact in a smart, collaborative way. I am looking forward changing the way how people are employed and figuring out how to best let them know why to choose Remote.

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Director of International Growth, EMEA at Remote


MA, Political Science, Sociology, Art & Media