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Karsten Stangel

Analog IO Architect / Manager

Intel Corporation

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United States


STRENGTH - Fundamental understanding of DSM semiconductor physics in planar/FinFet technologies down to 10nm - Profound knowledge of analog and digital circuit design techniques and key building blocks for various applications like communication HSIO or VR systems - Very good practical skills with state of the art circuit design tools for full custom or automatic circuit design, verification and layout - Very good communication skills. Focus on team spirit and promote team work environment - Capable to fully execute designs from architecture, circuit, layout to verification - Manage, organize, execute and coordinate projects. Worked in diverse teams from various countries and cultures like Germany, US, Japan, Israel, Russia, India PROJECT MANAGEMENT - Planning of project execution, scheduling with respect to resources and time frame, cross site collaboration and communication - Definition of project design phases, team dependencies and interaction. Task assignment and team progress tracking - Organize and execute regular internal design reviews during development - Manage tasks among teams at different sites and time zones DESIGN & TOOL EXPERIENCE - FIVR Voltage Regulator, Bandgap Design - DDR3/4/VMSE transceiver design, HSIO blocks like Rx, Tx and DLL - Simulation, performance characterization, layout and verification - On-die power delivery design, prototyping, modeling and analysis - Clock and data recovery system abstract modeling and performance verification with Matlab Simulink and Verilog-AMS for sync/async. IOs TOOLS - Latest Cadence Design Suite with all kind of flow and tools for pre/post layout design and analysis - Verilog and Verilog-AMS behavioral modeling - Synopsys Design Compiler, Primetime, Formality

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Current Position

Analog IO Architect / Manager at Intel Corporation


Dipl.-Ing. (eq. to M.S.+B.S.), Electrical Engineering - Microelectronic

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