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Katrina Kibben

CEO and Founder

Three Ears Media

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United States


Do you remember what it feels like to be a job seeker? The frustration? The vulnerability? The anxiety? No one should feel that way when they're looking for a job. No one just quits. You don't wake up one morning and casually decide to look for a whole new career. We consider a lot before looking for a new gig. Why do we show such disregard for job posts that introduce people to a whole new life? That's why I started Three Ears Media. We are a team of extremely talented copywriters that specialize in writing for recruiting. We've worked in recruiting and HR and understand how hard hiring is. We dive into the nuance and find the best approach for your job post and training because every company is different, and so is your culture. People call us most often for help with their job postings - whether they need a writer, trainer, or advice. It's the best job I've ever had, and I'm so glad it has grown to the point where I'm bringing on more people who love this work like I do. That's what's special about Three Ears Media. Love. We do everything with what I call ''big heart energy.'' We write from a place of purpose, empathy, and consideration. We think of the person on the other side and write for them, not just about work.

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CEO and Founder at Three Ears Media


BA, Communications