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Keith Knight

Life Science Business Development Manager

Novanta IMS

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United States


My entire professional career has been in motion control. The space has an enormous breadth from product to application and is ever changing. This is especially true in life science applications where needs are constantly shifting as chemistries and processes improve in lab automation, patient handling becomes more sophisticated, surgery is being augmented by mechatronics (both handheld and robotic), fluid management is enabling single cell isolation as well as DNA duplication, and testing and treatment devices are rapidly expanding to point of care and near point of care solutions. There is often more then one solution that will work. For new clients, much of the design is typically already complete, but there may be a pain point that is causing delay, or failure during validation testing. Small things like material selection, mounting configuration, feedback resolution, supply voltage, control scheme, etc. can have a big impact on the overall system performance. My base understanding in these areas and others helps me to effectively optimize your application while keeping cost, performance, and space limitations inline with overall goals. At NovantaIMS we are focused on the right solution, not just a solution. The result is that most of our business is customized ether for software, hardware, mechanics, or a combination of all three. Customizations offered can be as simple as locking the firmware on the device, or as complex as a multi-axis solution complete with mechanics, motors, and controls all shipped as a single part number. If you have a new life science application or are challenged with unforeseen issues late in the design stage, let’s connect and see if we get your design to the next level.

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Life Science Business Development Manager at Novanta IMS


Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Electromechanical Engineering

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