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Ken Keis, Ph.D.

President & CEO

Consulting Resource Group International, Inc.

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Contact us at ☎ 604-852-0566 ★Master Self! Transform Others!★ ✔ Are you in Change Management, Leadership Development, HR or Training & Learning for a company who wants to effectively develop your team and leaders? ✔ Are you the decision maker from an University, School District or an Educational Governing Body (Ministry of Education) who is tasked to help your students succeed with clarity and direction? ✔ Or, the head of a Workforce (Career) Development Program whose goal is to help individuals get back into the workforce or establish direction and clarity? If so, we offer a solution. Though our IP of Assessments and Learning Solutions we help others Live, Lead and Work On Purpose! CRG assists individuals, leaders, teams and organizations to realize their potential, and we are experts at creating self-awareness and then helping individuals with self-management. We are holistic and work in the areas of leadership, communications, wellness, purpose, careers, sales, relationships & teams. If you’re a decision maker please ask us about receiving a Complimentary Assessment that is valued at $50 dollars. ★ NEXT STEP ★ If you’d like to chat, contact me at ✉ ☎ 604-852-0566 🌎 ★ Are You Ready to Make a Bigger IMPACT? ★ PMAC (Professional Mastery & Assessment Certification Workshop) allows you to Master Self! Transform Others. We focus on your professional development so that you can serve others more effectively! Not only will you learn how to use our assessment & development tools in new & more effective ways—you will also experience transformational insights on a personal level. This happens as the training unfolds, and you ''go-to-depth'' with more than a dozen of our assessments & professional development tools. ★ Awards & Honors ★ CRG has been acknowledged the 3rd best provider of Leadership Development and one of the top 10 train-the-trainer certifications globally by The Lead 500 Awards.

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President & CEO at Consulting Resource Group International, Inc.


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Leadership and Management

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Cannexus 2023