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Kevin Bachman


The CRA Doctor, Screenbridge Partners LLC

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United States


Leveraging 19 years of expertise, I am a fractional executive building stronger, more profitable background check companies by assessing and implementing a host of business and industry specific solutions. I consult with private equity investors, providing insight into the current state of the screening market, its players, technology solutions, future opportunities and investment traps. I identify where there are opportunities to run existing businesses better and more profitability, with less compliance and litigation risk. I frequently speak and present on topics relevant to the HR community, enabling buyers of screening services to better understand differences in technology, product, price and compliance. I serve on several Professional Background Screening Association committees. I serve on the Accreditation Committee, the Industry Practices and its Steering Committee. Lastly, I created and host Background Check Radio, a podcast that serves HR and Screening Industry leaders.

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Current Position

Founder at The CRA Doctor, Screenbridge Partners LLC


M.A., Communications Management