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Kristin Metropoulos

Experience Strategist

Storycraft Lab

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United States


I am driven by curiosity and a love of learning. A keen observer and perpetual question-asker, I am always seeking to find out how things—and people—work. Throughout my career I’ve held a variety of roles—designer, curator, manager, client—that give me a unique perspective on projects and facilitating teams. Most recently, I served as the Director of NASA’s Goddard Visitor Center, where I created a comprehensive master plan and led the multi-year redesign of all exhibits and public spaces. Then during the pandemic, my team and I seamlessly pivoted to a virtual platform and developed dynamic experiences that reached new audiences across the globe. I revel in transforming complex content into fresh and compelling narratives that spark curiosity and excitement. I excel at anticipating challenges and formulating creative and accessible solutions. Whether building immersive spaces, rewarding experiences, or new relationships, I am passionate about evolving the user experience.

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Experience Strategist at Storycraft Lab


BA, History