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Lauren Beane

Digital Customer Experience (CX) Marketing Manager


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United States


Since joining the full-time workforce in 2017 I've worn many hats: omni-channel social media manager, digital programs manager, and small business social lead. While running Cisco's small business social channels, I've had the opportunity to revamp a product-focused channel of 60K followers into one that puts small business owners at the center of every strategy. 2020 provided an incredible experience to get a front-row seat into how we can use social for good during a time of crisis. Rather than develop marketing strategies that drive the bottom line, I quickly pivoted our social channels to put small business owners' needs at the center by providing resources and inspirational stories to provide hope during a stressful time.

My connection to small businesses is personal-- in March 2020, I grew tired of pushing my dreams to the back burner out of fear that they'd end in failure. Three months later, I officially launched my public speaking business, where I share my stories-- successes, failures, and everything in between-- and show my audience that in order to achieve your dreams, it is crucial to embrace the process of failure. I've had the pleasure of speaking for several notable organizations including the American Marketing Association, Digital Summit, and Kiwanis International. I am now on a mission to inspire others that any dream can be possible, and failure is just one necessary step. For more info on my keynotes, check out my speaker site:

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Digital Customer Experience (CX) Marketing Manager at Cisco


Bachelor’s Degree, Business Administration, Marketing Concentration