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Lazarina Stoy

SEO & Data Science, Senior Manager

Intrepid Digital

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I go through days analyzing and seeking opportunities for improving the efficiency of how I am doing things. This translates into a passion for spotting improvement opportunities in everything I do, making me a close ally to advanced technologies, as well as avid data science, machine learning, and analytics geek. I automate any task I can get my hands on and am keen to get my hands dirty in any way I can. I am a proud graduate of the University of Strathclyde, where I studied to combine my two greatest passions - marketing and technology, with the aim to embed ML-enabled marketing automation to help marketers' lives become easier. I feel happy researching, learning, and sharing my knowledge. I love connecting the dots between theory and practice, finding patterns, and discussing science in a way accessible for beginners. I tell stories about marketing and machine learning that educate, inspire, and start conversations, which I share with my humble audience on LinkedIn, Twitter, andMedium. Always happy to talk about cool projects, collaborate, or simply chat about life, plants, or how to become a better person. So, let’s connect!

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SEO & Data Science, Senior Manager at Intrepid Digital


Master of Science - MS, Information Management with Industrial Placement