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Lee Feinberg

Chief Data Officer


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United States


We still see companies invest big money to train employees on the features of visualization tools like Tableau and Power BI, but their teams keep developing complex reports with no clear story.

Our customers are tired of staring at numbers and hire us to help them be data literate. Here's the twist -- our data literacy programs don't put data first, or even second.

Through the Design To Act ® training and consulting series, DecisionViz turns your employees into leaders of the people, process, and culture around visualization and storytelling.

With these new skills, teams stop building dashboards and begin writing Analytic Stories ® that let decision-makers literally see what actions to take.



• Data Storytelling
• Data Literacy
• Tableau Software
• Data Visualization
• Design Thinking
• Workshop Development
• Training
• Public Speaking
• Analytics

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Chief Data Officer at DecisionViz


M.S., Electrical Engineering