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Luis Bueno

ASO Senior Strategist


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United Kingdom


My bike saddle had been stolen, I was soaking wet, I'd been working for 12 hours and I was up to my ears in shit. I had just come off another day at work. At the age of 25, I graduated as a Kitchen Porter in England. Thanks to my two degrees and my master's degree in Communication I was top of my class. After three months of learning about the goodness of fairy, I decided to reinvent myself. Within a month I started my new life as a barista, but when I got my official Barista uniform, I decided to start again. I had free coffee but I lacked the office environment. ☕ From coffee to English Breakfast tea via SEO ☕ After two more months of lattes, americanos and cappuccinos, the SEO knocked on my door. I got a call from a digital marketing agency. They were looking for a Spanish speaker. That's what I was good at. Very good. That same afternoon they sent me the contract as Off-Site SEO Executive. In my first week, I understood that I had to continue studying to progress in SEO. 🤓 Hi Technical SEO! 🤓 After two years I moved to the technical SEO department. The popular ones in the agency. The ones who bring in the money. Technical SEO is one more level. You have to know about Html, Google and analytics. In short, you have to know SEO. How do you learn? By reading a lot, asking questions, working and screwing up. In that order. I was now a Senior SEO Executive. And because I was a Senior, because I knew technical SEO and because I spoke Spanish (I'm very good at it) I was offered a job in London. I became a Senior Technical SEO in-house. 📷 Photos, photo books and SEO 📷 In my new job as Technical SEO I was the specialist. The one who knew the most about SEO. The one who had to explain SEO to the bosses. Welcome to in-house SEO. 1 year later, 13 web migrations behind me and a few audits later, I was promoted to Technical SEO Manager. As SEO Manager I am in charge of creating an SEO strategy, preparing performance reports, coordinating with other departments and explaining that SEO is not magic. 🔍 SEO, ASO and much more 🔍 After washing dishes, serving coffee, working in an agency and being responsible for the SEO of an eCommerce, my life is different. I never lose the saddle of my bike, I do SEO audits without any help and I create ASO optimisation strategies. So, it may seem that I already know everything there is to know. I don't. I still get up an hour earlier to read and learn more SEO and ASO.

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ASO Senior Strategist at King


Master's degree, Political and Business Communication