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Lynne Kjolso

VP, Global Advertising Business Team


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United States


My vision is to create a globally diverse team where everyone has space to be their authentic selves - while working with a strong, clear sense of purpose. If you can create those conditions, you can overcome any business problem in the world. In support of this, I create dynamic, people first, wellness focused, diverse cultures where individuals can fulfill their life’s work. As a global business leader and corporate partner, I execute decisively while consistently delivering impactful revenue, customer and employee engagement results. I am passionate about influencing the global marketing industry to drive for more inclusive marketing practices. I value trust, transparency and integrity in every interaction. I believe true growth comes through challenge and confronting change. Peers and team members find me accessible, empowering, and an authentic champion for their growth and learning.

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Current Position

VP, Global Advertising Business Team at Microsoft


Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Philosophy