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Marco Ricciardi

Senior Program Manager


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My CV in 1 minute: Musician, author of TV jingles, holding a Master's degree in Market Research and Statistics, passionate about customer and brand research. My passion is working with data and use them to create stories with a real business impact. Went through 2 successful acquisition ($8 bln SAP acquisition - $22 bln IPO) at Qualtrics. Currently a Senior Program Manager at Personio (series E, $6.3 bln valuation). My CV in 5 minutes: After reaching some of my goals as a musician (publishing a few singles, wrote music for television, such as jingle for ''La Domenica Sportiva'' for 2014/2015 - followed by 5-6 mln people every Sunday), I attained my Master's degree with distinction in Market Research and Statistics. While studying, I was also assistant professor of Statistics applied to Management, where I could meet my passion for research and data with my desire to teach others. My adventure in Ireland started shortly after, when I was contacted by a tech company, Qualtrics. After spending some time in the US for my training, I came back to Ireland. My progression in Qualtrics allowed me to start from a support role, to managing Enterprise customers in the development of their Customer and Employee experience program, progressing until a Research Consultant position in the Research Experts team in less than 2 years. I'm lucky enough that my passion is also my job: research. Designing surveys, sampling, data collection and analysis, to get our clients clear and useful insights (through reports or dashboard design) on how to improve their brands and products. My role related to using data to allow my client to be data-informed and not blindly data-driven. Through my time at Qualtrics, the company was acquired by SAP for $8bln, and later IPOd at a valuation of $22bln. My new professional adventure brought me to Munich, Germany, where I work as a Senior Program Manager for Operational Excellence in Personio. More than 5 minutes to spare? Happy to chat, let's take a coffee!

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Senior Program Manager at Personio


Master’s Degree in Economics&Management , Marketing