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Mary Beth Hardy


MBHardy Consulting Inc

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United States


As founder of MBHC, I work with clients to crystalize their vision and bring their goals to life. My own journey as a senior-level financial services executive, clinical psychologist, and internal and external consultant has informed my work with clients across industries. As someone who understands human behavior and has a keen interest in business, I am passionate about helping clients to see their untapped strengths (and buried desires) so they can go forward with both passion and clear-eyed focus. I partner with clients so they can gain important insights and create relevant and valuable maps for lasting impact - whether individually or as a member/leader of a team. An important stop for me along the way was my work as a Chief Culture Officer where I was fortunate to see successful, co-created organizational transformation in action. Our Culture team's accomplishments included spearheading a culture journey that culminated in a resonant set of values and principles, a robust DEI strategy, and an engaged workforce. We also drove an organizational redesign focused on realigning functional areas to create a more collaborative and effective organization. My philosophy has evolved and focuses on the importance of individual and collective purpose and relentless inclusiveness - because there is amazing power and shared benefit when people can clearly connect themselves and their work to the organization’s strategic purpose. I also learned that organizational culture work, when done transparently and inclusively, is vitally important for companies, teams, and individuals across the business landscape. As my career path shows, individuals continue to grow and evolve. If we’re open, and discerning, we also pick up essential life and leadership insights and skills along the way. Areas of focus: Individual Leadership/Performance Development Coaching| Leadership & Team Effectiveness | Culture Consultation & Assessment | Individual & Management Team Assessment | Discovery & Journey Partner

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President at MBHardy Consulting Inc


Psy.D., Clinical Psychology

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