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Matt Poepsel

Vice President & The Godfather of Talent Optimization""

The Predictive Index

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Hello! ☀️ I’m Matt Poepsel, a struggling manager turned inspiring leader and talent optimization expert. It wasn’t long ago that I lacked the confidence, know-how, and skills to lead others in an authentic and powerful way. When I was a first-time manager, I consumed over a hundred business and technology audiobooks during my lengthy commute. I marveled at the larger-than-life CEOs and entrepreneurs who had built amazing companies. Yet my own efforts and circumstances seemed very small by comparison. My management techniques felt forced, and I constantly second-guessed my approach. One day, I hit rock bottom. I welcomed a young woman into my office. It was clear that I had made a mistake when I hired her. I fired her just the way the books told me I should. She cried. Then we cried. Driving home that night, I stopped the latest audiobook, settled into the silence, and I made myself a promise: I won't manage the business—I will lead the people. Fast forward past many failed experiments and painful lessons learned, and you’ll see the respected leader I am today. 🏆 One who positively impacts lives, produces results, and loves serving others more than I ever thought possible. In short, I became the type of leader I used to only read about. Along the way, my lovely bride and I raised three nifty kids despite a hectic work schedule and the stresses of too little time, money, and energy. I studied the psychology of leadership and performance earning my PhD in the process. My success at work spilled over into other areas of my life where I finished an IRONMAN triathlon and became a fledgling alpinist. I continued to rise through the corporate ranks, and I steadily expanded my influence as a leader. Now, I want to give you simple, actionable, step-by-step strategies that help you do the same. If you’re an ambitious leader who’s looking to reach the next level by helping others realize their full potential, I’m glad you found me! How to get my yummy goodness: [Download] The Ultimate Leadership Starter Kit — [LinkedIn] I write about leadership every weekday — Follow me! [Podcast] Lead the People — [Website] Matt Poepsel, PhD — How can I serve you? I'd love to hear from you! 📣

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Vice President & The Godfather of Talent Optimization"" at The Predictive Index


Ph. D., Psychology

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