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Matt Robinson

Program Manager ROS-Industrial Consortium Americas

Southwest Research Institute

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United States


Bringing my energy and passion to an exciting opportunity to make an impact and contribute to the advanced capabilities and performance of ROS-Industrial through the leadership of the ROS-Industrial Consortium. Leverage experience base to seek to bridge gap from strictly to technical development to sustainable, replicable, value realizing solutions on factory floors. During my time at Caterpillar, led research team in manufacturing automation applications. Managed programs and projects to deliver novel validated solutions to solve difficult challenges in the areas of fabrication, planning, and process/value chain optimization. Developed initial quality system for new fabrication facility for aftertreatment components utilizing APQP methodology, developed welding technologies for the welding of aftertreatment components, procurred manufacturing equipment for new fabrication facility. Developed automated inspection system and requirements for heavy fabs. Lead development of manufacturing line optimization tools for fabrication facilities. Consult on new manufacturing technologies as part of NPI process and incorporate lean methods for the fabrications of these new products. Lead efforts regarding automation technology research and implementation. Specialties: Non-Ferrous Metallurgy, Automation, Titanium Alloy Fabrication, Titanium Metallurgy, Automation and Fabrication Systems Deployment, Manufacturing Line Optimization, Quality Systems

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Program Manager ROS-Industrial Consortium Americas at Southwest Research Institute


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