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Matthew Drengler

Director, Advertising Sciences


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United States


Nobody knows what they're going to be when they grow up. One can have dreams, inspiration, parental nudges, etc etc, but sometimes it takes some experience and a little bit of digging to land in the right place. I believe I have found where I belong. After graduating with a degree in Electrical Engineering, I made a professional shift and decided to get my MBA. It was at Ohio State that I realized my passion for technology and digital were the beginnings of a career in digital marketing. I have worked agency-side, client-side, and now the vendor-side. I have seen the ins and outs of this industry and work hard to ensure I bring value to the table in every conversation. My knowledge-base is constantly evolving. I'm curious but tenacious at the same time, and my peers consider me an SME in the field of ad-tech and mobile. I love collaborating, discussing, and disputing all things ad-tech, digital, and golf -connect with me if you love it too.

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Current Position

Director, Advertising Sciences at Spotify


MBA, Marketing analytics and consumer insight