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Michael Brenner

Content Marketing Agency CEO | CMO Influencer | Growing businesses with strategic content marketing

Marketing Insider Group

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Marketing has a marketing problem. Ask most people what they think “marketing” is and they will likely say “ads.” Yet most of us are trying to avoid ads in every aspect of our lives. I'm trying to change that! Now, more than ever, we don’t want to be sold to especially when we’re not ready to buy. But we are always looking to get educated, inspired, supported. And we are open to thought leadership from brands. That is why thought leadership and content marketing beats the ROI of ads, hands down. Marketing should attract your audience. And this can easily be measured by looking at your rankings in search. That's why we help our clients earn page-one rankings that deliver traffic, leads and revenue that = ROI. Even now, your customers want helpful content that answers their most important questions, and this kind of marketing allows you to show the business the ROI it demands. There’s an incredible opportunity for you to break through all the noise of promotion that's out there. There’s a very real chance for you to dominate your market, make your people happy, get known as a thought leader, and rank #1 for the most important keywords in your industry - all by simply sharing the expertise your customers are looking for. Here’s what is most important for you to know right now: *The formula for winning online today does not require a huge investment, In fact, it can cost less than a single ad in an industry trade publication. What we do costs less for a year than most of our client's ad budgets for one month - and we deliver more value. *The most important factor is CONSISTENCY: steadily and regularly publishing customer-focused content. Our data and research from real companies shows that publishing 1-2x per week can increase traffic AND leads by as much as 100-200%. *This approach can produce massive ROI in the form of attracting an audience to your website BEFORE they are ready to buy, engaging your audience with helpful content, and converting them to sales. When I was VP of Content Marketing At SAP, we achieved 7x ROI - that’s $7 in actual revenue for every $1 we spent in the FIRST YEAR! If you are struggling with declining or flat website traffic, too few inbound leads, or paying too much for ads or content that isn’t helping your customers (or helping you rank for the keywords that matter most) let’s connect for a brief call so I can help. Whether we decide to do business together, I’m confident that I can provide some insights that will make a real difference for your company. Contact me today!

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Content Marketing Agency CEO | CMO Influencer | Growing businesses with strategic content marketing at Marketing Insider Group


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