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Michael Harvey

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)


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United States


I am not just another suit. ''Methinks he doth protest too much?''—Shakespeare. If you're going to be a suit, wear a well-tailored one and rock it. I've held operational roles as a senior executive at organizations large and small. I've sailed a boat from Seattle to Nova Scotia via the Panama canal with my wife and two young daughters. It took 4 years. Sailboats go really, really slow. I went to Stanford. I don't own a TV. I've worked at IBM, JP Morgan, and Microsoft. My second daughter, Rhiannon, was born at home in our bed. That was planned. The midwife was late. That was not planned. I've helped startups raise VC money, and then spend VC money. I've hired and fired people. I've been laid off myself. I met my wife 38 years ago in Vienna. My first daughter is named Vienna. Thank god we didn't meet in Bucharest. I have been married for 35 years. I still love my wife like crazy. I composed and recorded a musical score for a full length feature film. I wrote and sold a 5,000 word article about the band Soundgarden back when Grunge was cool. My blog is ''Leaving a Clean Wake.'' The message at its simplest: don't throw plastic overboard. At its essence: be a good person. I started out as a pre-med bound for neurosurgery, but then hit organic chemistry. So I studied engineering instead. I've been a COO, a Chief marketing Officer, an EVP for Product, and the Vice President Of Technology and Brand Globalization... I don't know what that means either. Today I help brands get the most out of all of the crazy digital technologies and devices out there. The goal? Fantastic, truly unified customer experiences for modern shoppers. Self-Driving Cars anyone? Least favorite buzzword: Omnichannel. I can't wait for a better description for the cool blend of strategy, technology, design, and innovation that I get to help drive right now. It's fun and rewarding to be part of one of the biggest transformations to the economy since the Industrial Revolution. Speaking of revolutions, ''off with their heads!'' Headless backends and PWA front-ends will finally make true Omnichannel commerce possible for all of us. Viva la revolución! Specialties: eCommerce, omnichannel commerce, Headless Commerce, Composable Commerce, microservices, PWAs, Progressive Web Apps, Magento, Shopify, Adobe, personalization, optimization, digital transformation, open source, CRM, CMS, CRO, consulting, strategy, marketing, strategic planning, product management, UX, CX, customer experience, business development, operations, general management, professional services, managed services, technology, IT

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Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Corra


BS, Industrial Engineering