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Michael Shaughnessy, Jr.

Senior Vice President Operations, Supply Chain and Emerging Markets

Balsam Brands

Country or State

United States


I am currently the Senior Vice President of Operations, Supply Chain, and Emerging Markets for Balsam Brands. My experience there has allowed me to continue growing the considerable business acumen developed over 20 years in the professional world after leaving US Military service. I excel at leading teams, building businesses, optimizing supply chains, negotiating contracts, handling customers, clients and partners. I have proven adept at delivering outstanding results throughout the value chain and am highly skilled at developing and refining business operations, growing domestic and international businesses, training/developing team members, or anything in between. I honed my leadership and team building skills in the US Military, in both peacetime and combat operations around the globe. I am at my best working with creative, high performing individuals and organizations to solve challenging problems. Core Competency Highlights: Advanced Leadership Skills Operational Logistics Expertise Business Case Development Sales and Operations Strategies Contingency Operations Planning Strategic Planning Process Improvement Ecommerce Operations

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Current Position

Senior Vice President Operations, Supply Chain and Emerging Markets at Balsam Brands


MBA, Business Administration

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