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Michon Ellis

Managing Director/Chief Advisor

Livewire Communications

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United States


I’m a growth-oriented chief communications officer with nearly 25 years of global and domestic corporate communications and public relations experience. As an influential leader, I forge strong senior stakeholder relationships, expand market share and generate business opportunities. In addition, I’m recognized among my peers as a high-impact decision-maker, persuasive presenter, C-level communicator and cultivator of high-performing cross-functional teams. At my core, I'm a builder and an entrepreneur with a proven track record of growing businesses to their full potential. I specialize in scaling enterprises with a well-defined go-to-market communications strategy backed by the industry's best tools powered by top-tier talent. For two decades, I’ve worked global corporations and well-known brands on their external as well as internal communications efforts. Through these experiences, I have seen the power of communications and its impact on the bottom-line – how it can leave a positive and lasting impact not only with a company’s customer base, but on their employees as well. When organizations are experiencing a major change that requires employees to follow through with a new vision, the most successful outcomes often come from companies who have shown empathy and strategically used communications to gain momentum and talent buy-in. It takes proactive and strategic partnerships to navigate this terrain. As Chief Advisor and Managing Director for Livewire, I find new ways to make a greater impact on our clients, their employees and markets they serve. A thoughtful communications strategy informs in every move we make. When it comes to ensuring communication tactics work long term, from pre-launch to execution to continuity and eventual business transformation — we think about how internal campaigns can keep a strong bond between strategy and communications to make the right impact on your employees. As a former Division I football player, I know everyone has a role on a team. Everyone has value they can bring to clients. It's my job to foster that leadership potential so that people can become their best. You might hear my friends call me, ''Mr. Can't Stop, Won't Stop.'' That sums me up exactly. Whether you're a client or a member of my team, you should know I'm always in pursuit of achieving our shared vision and progress in the right direction. If you're looking for a new strategic communications partner or a new role within an energetic team of change experts, book a conversation with me via:

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Managing Director/Chief Advisor at Livewire Communications


BA, Communications (Journalism)