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Mike Dooley


Labrador Systems, Inc.

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United States


There are only a small number of consumer robots that have ever sold over a million units. I have helped to bring two of them into the world. Now I am out to do the third, and to help make life better for a lot of people in the process. The first brand and product I managed from the start was LEGO MindStorms and the Robotics Invention System. MindStorms brought a new kind of hands-on, minds-on learning to millions of kids, and became LEGO's best selling product of all time. I later joined Evolution Robotics to work on more advanced robots. In 2010 we launched a smart self-driving ''Swiffer Bot'' under our own brand called ''Mint.'' While not as cool to a lot of kids as a LEGO robot, Mint was a truly breakthrough product, integrating mapping and navigation technologies at a level of performance and price the market had never seen. It was so breakthrough that in 2012 iRobot, the market leader, acquired us. Mint became Braava at iRobot, Braava became one of the best selling floor cleaners on the market after Roomba, and Roomba became a lot smarter too. Over the last few years, I established and led iRobot's innovation lab and worked on advanced concept and technology development. I am now building a new startup to explore pragmatic but meaningful applications for robotics in our daily lives. Specialties: New product development, brand management, marketing research, robotics and educational technologies. Background in software, hardware and embedded systems. Over 15 issued patents.

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Co-Founder/CEO at Labrador Systems, Inc.


MBA, Graduate School of Business

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