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Mike Drysdale

Creative Director & General Manager

Dear Storyteller

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CREATIVE STRATEGIST (Video Marketing): I help forge meaningful connections between companies and their customers through the creation of branded entertainment. That means working with brands to discover their values, establish their identity and flesh out their stories. My team and I then turn those insights into iconic concepts for videos that showcase what a company stands for rather than what they do. COMMUNITY LEADER: In February 2018, I launched a Facebook group called the 'Perth Critical Role Community' AKA 'Adventurers Alliance'. It was made for fans of the Dungeons & Dragons live streaming show Critical Role. Today, Adventurer's Alliance has over 640 members and we've hosted many in-person meetups averaging around 60 players per event. I've learned so much about culture and connection by building this community and it remains one of my proudest achievements. PODCASTER: People are fascinating, I love discovering what makes them so good at what they do. Stories are often goldmines for lessons about business and life. Learning has always been something I've been passionate about and that's something I carry into my role as a podcast host. My goal is always to ask powerful questions, listen with intent and seek to understand guests so I can unlock the most amount of value for my listeners. ACTING EXPERIENCE: Stories have been in my life for a long time, training and working as an actor since the age of six. I've appeared in over 20 professional productions and trained for 3 years at WAAPA, one of the most elite drama schools in Australia. That training now guides me in helping shape stories for brands on video. CONNECT WITH ME: I'm always open to meeting new people who are purpose driven and passionate about what they do. I create content, share articles and videos around marketing and understanding what drives customers.

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Creative Director & General Manager at Dear Storyteller


Bachelor's Degree, Acting