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Milly Schmidt

Experience design manager


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I'm a curious designer and pragmatic leader who works with product companies to build great experiences. I've spent years as a senior UX practitioner and product leader, with formal training as well as a personal obsession and long reading list. I have built and managed teams, spoken at conferences, nurtured communities and taught both adults & children. I love working with smart, driven people. I'm a natural advocate and educator and I'm driven by purpose and personal skills development. In collaboration with your team, I can help build the tools, process, capability and culture of UX and HCD. I'll run research, interviews and synthesis, draw out valuable insights and turn your customer feedback into product gold. I'll facilitate design sprints, workshops, trainings, internally or externally. I'll sketch wireframes and plan out user journeys, considering all the edge cases and business risks. I'll pair with developers or collaborate with product managers - I'm comfortable at the coal face and in the boardroom. My superpower is that I'm technical as well as being deeply obsessed with people. With years spent doing front-end and starting and building my own SaaS product company, I understand the value of staying on the tools. I love working with engineers and even getting my hands dirty if needed. I fluently translate between business, design and tech, and it helps me take ideas to outcomes. I want to see things through. You'll see that I have a background that spans writing, editing, teaching, photography, engineering, UX research & design, people management, project management, community building and entrepreneurship. I've always been brought in to establish a new HCD practice in some way. I want to work on projects that make the world better. Let me know if you need my help. Oh and the UI thing? I just don't like hi-fi designs. I prefer to think in systems and needs/goals than in pages. There are times when it's important (like creating prototypes to test with users) but mostly I don't find it necessary, and prefer to leave it to those who love it more.

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Experience design manager at Atlassian


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