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Natalie Audelo

Talent Brand Manager


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United States


Hi! I'm Nat, and I'm passionate about architecting workplaces that help people live more creative and meaningful lives.

I love exploring unexpected connections between things and creating spaces that enable people to cross-pollinate ideas, build community, and do their best work. I'm on a life-long mission to understand how the human experience is shaped by our digital, physical and social environments — and vice versa. I'm bringing this curiosity and passion to my work in the employer brand space.

I care deeply about helping organizations operationalize their values, build impactful people programs, and create meaningful brand moments that transform and elevate the human experience.

Outside of work, you can find me making an adventure out of the ordinary. Whether it's exploring new neighborhoods, listening to live music, attending pop-up events, or trying new fitness classes, I love sharing new experiences with others*

Things you should message me about: brand marketing, content strategy, EVP research and activation, culture building, employee engagement, communications, GTM strategy, program development, human-centric organizational design, DEI, and anything else you feel is relevant.

*when not in the middle of a pandemic

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Current Position

Talent Brand Manager at ServiceTitan


Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), International Affairs and Human Services