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Nathan Resnick

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United States


I pride myself on my ability to learn and move fast. I started Sourcify by myself in my living room when I was 22 and grew it to a profitable eight figure business in five years with offices in China, Vietnam, India, and Pakistan. When I asked our team how they would describe our operations, words like transparent, action oriented, autonomous, and supportive came up. I believe anyone can be an A player with the right tools. In short, I strive to get shit done. I also invest early in startups where I know the industry well: Grin, Italic, Juneshine, SnapNHD, and a few others. I’ve been on TV stations like CNBC + CNN and have been featured on media outlets like the New York Times, Bloomberg, Entrepreneur, and more. I split my time between Salt Lake City and San Diego. I am open to networking but would much rather go hiking, biking, boating, or skiing than sit for coffee. If you want to get in touch, email and we’ll respond if relevant. Fun fact: I was a foreign exchange student in China during high school and speak Mandarin near fluently and a fun goal for 2021 is learn to handstand. Read about my favorite growth hack or watch me on CNBC:

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Member Board of Directors at Sourcify