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Nich Pertuit

Founder and Chief Innovation Officer

Healthy Is Wellness

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United States


Passionate for motivating people by uncovering friction points and creating paths to eliminate those barriers. Highlights & Key Profile Offerings: ✔ Demonstrated excellence in steering clinical innovation by identifying ways to utilize technology for enhancing engagement, effectiveness, and efficiency of behavioral health services. ✔ Lead cross-functional teams to define, design, and launch new features that deliver value to the company’s B2B audience. ✔ Talent for helping organizations advance their solutions, products, and services by implementing innovative thinking that shifts the attention from focusing solely on company ideas to spotlights focusing on the audience (the customer, patient, member, etc.). ✔ Founded own business, deploying innovative solutions to costly problems, helping start-ups in turning the abstract into the concrete, and guiding established organizations in scaling their products/services into integrated partnerships with groups resistant to change and innovation Additional Information Professional Football: Special Teams League MVP a kicker Head Strength and Conditioning Coach: NCAA schools Adjunct Professor: Stanford University | Montana State University Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Math Curriculum Director, Teacher, and Coach: Created and implemented curriculum and instruction for the entire school district.

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Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Healthy Is Wellness


Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Curriculum and Instruction; Health, Exercise, & Sports Science