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Niclas Cullberg



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I’m driven by a passion for change and the opportunities that come with it, but also the possibility to create energy in my team and lead towards our vision. I’m a strong believer of the need of evolution and the constant development that’s needed to stay ahead of the competition and have data to be Customer centric and relevant in every touchpoint along the customer journey. Digital Experience platforms and the possibilities in the experience management & marketing automation field is something that I’m passionate about. How do we connect the insights gained from our customers when finding new ones? How do we make sure we the infrastructure to acquire customers at the right cost, in the right channel at the right time? How do we enable the data to flow throughout the customer journey? How do we measure success? How do we create Kpi’s that steer us in the path towards our vision? How do we present our brand constantly along the customer journey? How do we make sure we are focusing on the customer journey and not solving our own problems? How do we make sure our product portfolio is flexible enough for tomorrow’s subscription prone consumers? So many interesting questions, and so many opportunities to create value by changes in the way we act towards our customers. Pro bono: ADOBE Customer Advisory Board Member - Speaker - Driving change in Marketing & Digital innovation

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