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Pierre Escaich

Neurodiversity Talent Program Director


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Based in Scandinavia, I am now exploring Neurodiversity topics and its link with video game industry, after having led the Uplay PC digital distribution platform for 5 years,. Father of 2 neurodivergent children, myself neurodivergent, i founded the Ubisoft Neurodiversity ERG (Employee Resource Group) a year ago. With a 24 years video game industry experience within the Ubisoft family, I had an unique opportunity to journey from business to development while contributing directly to Ubisoft growth. Switching regularly from Operational to Strategic positions, I am a passionate manager who brings empowerment and agility as key team drivers. I am at my best when launching new structures, building a vision, supporting growth plan, rebooting projects. Fixing the work environment to allow each and everyone's talents & skills to express at their maximum is one of the main learning of neurodiversity @work. Video game is more than entertainment. It is a fantastic playground to meet and mix new expertise fields, experiment, learn and connect with people across the world. Its potential is still largely untapped and I am convinced video games can help making people and the world better.

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Neurodiversity Talent Program Director at Ubisoft