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Rick Rabinovich

Distinguished Engineer - Signal Integrity


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United States


Rick Rabinovich, IEEE802.3 Ethernet voter member, is a Signal Integrity Distinguished Engineer at Keysight Technologies, specialized in 3D modeling (HFSS & ADS) of electromagnetic structures and PCB stackup optimization for 10/25/100/200/400/800 GbE. Former IEEE Communication Society member. Rick was a Senior Principal Design Engineer at Alcatel-Lucent and an Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff. Rick holds a BS from the Buenos Aires University Engineering College and attended computer post-graduate courses at Cal State Los Angeles, UCLA, and UCI. He was a DesignCon 2022 Speaker. He has previously authored several technical articles in the IEEE Communications and EDN magazines and holds two US patents in communications. He was also the main speaker at a Southeast Asian Hewlett-Packard Embedded Processor design tour. Additionally, Rick is a voter member of the IEEE802.3 Ethernet since the year 2001 and has extensive experience in implementation of Ethernet communication systems and high-speed design. Contributor to SFF-8431 (a.k.a. SFP+) specification - Designed official SFP+ Host Compliance Board (HCB). Rick’s previous positions include Hardware Technology Director and Fellow Associate at Spirent Communications, and senior positions at Telematics, Ascom-Timeplex, Singer Librascope, and Northrop.

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