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Robyn Tombacher

Global Chief People Operations Officer, WPP


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United States


Robyn Tombacher has grown up in the Digital era and has been in the industry since 1997. Robyn is a business and operational leader in the Creative, Data and Technology industry. She is a multi-lane expert in Digital, Integrated Production, Commerce, Media and Mobile, to name a few. She is an expert marketing, branding and business development professional with a proven ability to successfully develop new clients, build brands and create innovative marketing and advertising programs. She possesses strong ability to set a strategic vision and achieve it through operations, organizational, financial and delivery management. She is capable of structuring, forecasting and managing resources to produce greater efficiencies, higher level customer service, increased profit margins and reduced spending. Robyn is an experienced Agency management operations professional and has the ability to lead global mergers, complex company-wide integration and set up large team structures as well as provide guidance to improve regional and office P&L's. As a certified professional, she has a background in project management and digital production skills; can develop and implement successful project plans and streamline processes by setting objectives, budgets and deadlines through implementation. Last, but not least, Robyn posseses excellent interpersonal, managerial and communication skills with demonstrated ability to lead and build cohesive teams, collaborate with internal and external personnel, executive leadership, vendors and develop strong client relationships.

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Global Chief People Operations Officer, WPP at WPP


MA, Public Communications