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Rodolfo Cavicchioli

Product Manager - USA Market Developer

LU-VE Group

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Feb 5


I am a passionate professional engineer with a specialized Master's Degree in Energy Engineering and a focus on thermodynamics from Padua University. From the very beginning of my professional journey, I immersed myself in the challenging and ever-evolving world of HVAC&R.

My expertise in thermodynamics has been a guiding force throughout my career. I have navigated the complexities of the HVAC&R sector since day one, gaining valuable insights and honing my skills in the intricate balance of energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. My academic background not only equipped me with technical knowledge but also instilled in me a deep appreciation for the critical role thermodynamics plays in our field.

I embarked on my professional journey as a Product Manager in the heat pump business, initially with Mitsubishi Electric. This role allowed me to delve into the nuances of HVAC&R technologies, where I learned to integrate theoretical knowledge with practical applications.

Continuing my career at LU-VE Group, I further expanded my expertise, contributing significantly to the company's advancements in air heat exchanger technologies. My dedication to innovation and sustainable solutions led to my appointment as Business Development Manager, entrusted with the crucial task of overseeing the North American Market.

In my role, I focus on identifying strategic business opportunities and nurturing key partnerships. My proactive approach and in-depth understanding of thermodynamics enable me to guide LU-VE Group toward cutting-edge solutions in HVAC&R. I am committed to ensuring our products remain not only technologically superior but also environmentally friendly, aligning with the global shift towards greener practices.

Beyond my professional pursuits, I actively engage with the engineering community, sharing insights and staying abreast of the latest developments in thermodynamics and HVAC&R. My continuous learning mindset drives me to explore innovative approaches, making a lasting impact on our industry.

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Current Position

Product Manager - USA Market Developer at LU-VE Group


Master of Engineering (M.Eng.); Industrial, Energy branch., thermotechnics - 2012