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Ruben Wieman

Founder & CEO


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We help companies to make their deskless workforce more successful and engaged through an all-in-one app. The app includes core components such as internal communication, onboarding, elearning, surveys, forms & checklists, and integrations with WFM and HR systems. I started Oneteam out of my frustration while working on the frontline for large chains. The employee experience I had at those jobs was very chaotic and ineffective. Employees had to use many internal communication channels like an intranet, newsletter, WhatsApp groups, bulletin board, email, paper manuals, outdated e-learning systems, etc. The companies tried their best to reach, train and engage their deskless workforce, but they didn't succeed. Resulting in low engagement, undertrained staff, and a very high employee turnover. I believed there must be a better way to connect with the deskless, so I started Oneteam. Helping companies to make their deskless more successful and engaged became my biggest passion. Always excited to connect with people that are working in this field!

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Founder & CEO at Oneteam


Cum Laude, HAVO