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Sally Hamdan ☀️

Enterprise Customer Success Manager


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Jul 30


Named after Sally Field, I am Lebanese at heart, French in action with a global citizen mentality. I’m also an experienced Customer success professional at Asana where I contribute to revolutionising the way people work. I’m a lecturer at HEC Paris Business school, a mother of two elves and a volleyball enthusiast & player. Did I always think that this will be my path when I first graduated with a Psychology degree in my hand? Of course not! My journey began in Beirut, day of my graduation, a lotta knowledge learned about my psychology and that of others. Great! but now what? I decided to specialize in organizational Psychology then I discovered the world of HR. One internship led to 6 years of joy and learning. This is where my first professional identity flourished. After getting the SHRM certification, I also started giving a 10-hour HR management class in a local university. In parallel I was also an active member of the second-best national volleyball team in Lebanon. I moved to Paris in 2009 for personal reasons and decided to pursue a master degree from Sorbonne in Training management all while giving birth to my first elf. This achievement was a very important step in adding a french dimension to my skills, and also in mastering the art of multi-tasking :) . In 2013, I made a major shift in my career when I joined LinkedIn as a Customer Education Consultant, a dream job at the time as I had the chance to use all my Training skills and at the same time join a totally different universe: Social media and Sales! Soon after, the job evolved to Customer Success thus opening another brand new universe to me and leading me 4 years later to embark on a new adventure at Box and only lately Asana. What makes me jump out of bed every morning is knowing that I’m contributing to the growth and success of individuals: Professionals that use innovative technologies, students & professionals that want to find a job, or any person with whom I work.

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Enterprise Customer Success Manager at Asana


Master's degree, Workforce Development and Training