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Sankar V S



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Hong Kong


I am an intrapreneur, creating and leading solution & system integration centric business practices, understanding and delivering financial bottom lines, inspiring the teams to work on common objectives for the larger benefit & success of the organisation through collaboration. I am passionate & specialize in articulation of the insights gained by connecting the things & people in organisation. It leads on the continuous learning of various operational domain knowledge viz. Smart Cities, Transportation, Property, Retail & Construction & the process of adding intelligence on the edge devices which helps in business collaboration & transformation. I cherish consulting with the customers and gives satisfaction in resolving a business challenge that improves their productivity and the underlying profits or creating a new line of data driven business. What I enjoy also the most is working with the startups, youngsters both still in the university & fresh graduates and unleash their power of boundless creativity bringing in a positive inspiration to my own organisation. Like all positives never come by fluke and with single stroke, i appreciate the valuable lessons learned by falls and truly believe in ''take it on the chin, accept it & keep on trying''. I am also proud of being a part of success story of a handful of startups which have already well on their course of becoming leaders in their own space. As someone who loves to take up a retirement profession as a teacher to younger kids, inspiring them to imagine happiness not depending on just being #1 and teaching them value of collaboration at a younger age, i do quiet a bit of volunteering teaching on project management & story telling to a wide range of audience from younger kids to the elder ones. A committed board member to the Project Management Institute ( PMI ) spreading and upholding values of a good project manager & PM profession in Hong Kong.

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Director at Arup


CXO Leadership Exchange Programme, Digital Transformation